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Jul.06,2018* TERME CATEZ in (SI)
Jul.06,2018* Thai Stanley Electric in (TH)
Jul.06,2018* Torgoterm AD Kyustendil
Jul.06,2018* ZSK Lozovo AD Burgas in (LV)
Jul.07,2018* Kamenolomi ad Zvornik
Jul.08,2018* Al Bilad Islamic Bank for Investment and Finance PSC
Jul.08,2018* Gulf Franchising Holding KSCC in (KW)
Jul.08,2018* Inter Industries in (IL)
Jul.08,2018* Tamir Fishman Real Estate Fund in Tel Aviv (IL)
Jul.09,2018* Al' Sakr Finans AO
Jul.09,2018* Arteca Jilava in Jilava (RO)
Jul.09,2018* Cajavec Usluzne Djelatnosti ad Banja Luka
Jul.09,2018* Finext Vagyonkezelo in (HU)
Jul.09,2018* G Entertainment Group
Jul.09,2018* Healthcare Trust Of America
Jul.09,2018* Innova Italy 1
Jul.09,2018* Inos Metalbiro ad Beograd
Jul.09,2018* Minrav Holdings in (IL)
Jul.09,2018* NPF Microfinance Bank in Kano (NG)
Jul.09,2018* Petrokemija in (HR)
Jul.09,2018* Senim-bank AO in Astana (KZ)
Jul.10,2018* Assura
Jul.10,2018* AZZ
Jul.10,2018* Cerulean Pharma
Jul.10,2018* Fifth Street Senior Floating
Jul.10,2018* Gulf Petroleum InvestmentKC in (KW)
Jul.10,2018* Hiron Trade Investments & Industrial Buildings in (IL)
Jul.10,2018* ILX Group in (UK)
Jul.10,2018* Jerusalem Cigarette
Jul.10,2018* Kazakhtelekom AO in (RU)
Jul.10,2018* KRTD Zangar AO in (KZ)
Jul.10,2018 Marks & Spencer in Birmingham (UK)
Jul.10,2018* Mitel Networks
Jul.10,2018* Mwb Fairtrade Wertpapierhandelsbank in Munich (DE)
Jul.10,2018* NEPES Advanced Materials in (KR)
Jul.10,2018* Oclaro
Jul.10,2018* Societe Libanaise des Ciments BlancsL in Chekka (LB)
Jul.10,2018* Tile Shop Holdings
Jul.10,2018* Vodovod JP ad Gacko
Jul.11,2018* Airport City in (IL)
Jul.11,2018* Aminex in (UK)
Jul.11,2018* Aveva Group in (UK)
Jul.11,2018* Bakrieland Development Tbk in Jakarta (ID)
Jul.11,2018* BF Holding
Jul.11,2018 Biofrontera in Leverkusen (DE)
Compliance Statement
Jul.11,2018* BT Group (former British Telecom) in Cardiff (UK)
Jul.11,2018* Capital Partners in (PL)
Jul.11,2018* China Real Estate Corperation in (CN)
Jul.11,2018* CRA International
Jul.11,2018* Expert System
Jul.11,2018* Exploitasi Energi Indonesia Tbk
Jul.11,2018* JPMorgan Global Convertibles Income Fund
Jul.11,2018* London & Stamford Property
Jul.11,2018* Middle East Tube in (IL)
Jul.11,2018* Robogroup TEK in (IL)
Jul.11,2018* Singapore Post in Singapore (SG)
Jul.11,2018* Solidarity Alliance Insurance
Jul.11,2018* Triumph Group
Jul.12,2018* AD PLASTIK in (HR)
Jul.12,2018* Al Mansour Pharmaceuticals Industries in Baghdad (IQ)
Jul.12,2018* Armstrong World Industries
Jul.12,2018* Azia avto AO
Jul.12,2018* Burberry Group in (UK)
Jul.12,2018* DO & CO Restaurants & Catering in (AT)
Jul.12,2018* Emmis Communications in Indianapolis (US)
Jul.12,2018* Eo Networks
Jul.12,2018 Fielmann in Hamburg (DE)
Jul.12,2018* GAIN Capital Holdings
Jul.12,2018* Gradska Trznica ad Prijedor
Jul.12,2018* Grupa Lotos in (PL)
Jul.12,2018* Helical Bar in (UK)
Jul.12,2018* Hindustannstruction in (IN)
Jul.12,2018* Infotech Enterprises in (IN)
Jul.12,2018* Kardan Real Estate Enterprise and Development in Tel Aviv (IL)
Jul.12,2018* KD Group
Jul.12,2018* KD in (SI)
Jul.12,2018* Kostenez HHI AD Kostenets
Jul.12,2018* Land Securities Group in London (UK)
Jul.12,2018* Minna no Wedding
Jul.12,2018* MongoDB
Jul.12,2018* NEPTUN PAO
Jul.12,2018* Oxford Technology 2 Venture Capital Trust in (UK)
Jul.12,2018* Oxford Technology 3 Venture Capital Trust in (UK)
Jul.12,2018* Oxford Technology 4 Venture Capital Trust
Jul.12,2018* Oxford Technology Venture Capital Trust in (UK)
Jul.12,2018* Pets at Home Group
Jul.12,2018* Pieno Zvaigzdes JSC in (LT)
Jul.12,2018 qsc in Cologne (DE)
Compliance Statement
Jul.12,2018* Rad Labud ad Prijepolje
Jul.12,2018* SeaChange International
Jul.12,2018* Shanks Group in (UK)
Jul.12,2018* Slavonski Zatvoreni Investicijski Fond S Javnom Ponudom in (HR)
Jul.12,2018* Sohar PoultryOG
Jul.12,2018* Templeton Emerging Markets Investment Trust in (UK)
Jul.12,2018* Willy Food Investments in (IL)
Jul.13,2018* Conoil
Jul.13,2018 DCC in (IE)
Jul.13,2018* DELO PRODAJA in (SI)
Jul.13,2018* Goldman Sachs BDC
Jul.13,2018* Gulf Keystone Petroleum in (US)
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