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Nov.21,2018* Regional Express Holdings in (AU)
Nov.21,2018* Sanbase Corporation
Nov.21,2018* Shorouk for Modern Printing and Packaging in Obour City (EG)
Nov.21,2018* Sime Darby Plantation Bhd
Nov.21,2018* Simonds Group
Nov.21,2018* Smiles Inclusive
Nov.21,2018* State Gas
Nov.21,2018* Verus Investments in (AU)
Nov.21,2018* Virtus Health Pty
Nov.21,2018* Webjet in (AU)
Nov.21,2018* Wilson Bayly Holmes Ovcon in (ZA)
Nov.21,2018* Xinyi Solar Holdings
Nov.21,2018* Zahrat Al Waha for Trading Company CJSC
Nov.22,2018* Adcock Ingram Holdings in (ZA)
Nov.22,2018* AMA Group
Nov.22,2018* Amtek Holdings Bhd
Nov.22,2018* Anaam International Holding Group in (SA)
Nov.22,2018* Apac Resources in (HK)
Nov.22,2018* Arowana Australasian Value Opportunities Fund
Nov.22,2018* ASAHI KAGAKU KOGYO CO in (JP)
Nov.22,2018* Austin Engineering in (AU)
Nov.22,2018* AWE
Nov.22,2018* Beston Global Food Company
Nov.22,2018* Bombay Rayon Fashions in (IN)
Nov.22,2018* Borneo Aqua Harvest Bhd in (MY)
Nov.22,2018* Breaker Resources NL
Nov.22,2018* Broken Hill Prospecting
Nov.22,2018* Bupa Arabia foroperative Insurance in (SA)
Nov.22,2018* Cabcharge Australia in (AU)
Nov.22,2018* Cadence Capital in (AU)
Nov.22,2018* Canyon Resources in (AU)
Nov.22,2018* Catalpa Resources in (AU)
Nov.22,2018* CI Resources in (AU)
Nov.22,2018* Country Garden Services Holdings Co
Nov.22,2018* Dreamscape Networks
Nov.22,2018* Echo Resources in (AU)
Nov.22,2018* ELMO Software
Nov.22,2018* Eromanga Hydrocarbons in (AU)
Nov.22,2018* FSA Group in (AU)
Nov.22,2018* FW Thorpe in (UK)
Nov.22,2018* Garda Diversified Property Fund
Nov.22,2018* Harbour Link Group Bhd in (MY)
Nov.22,2018* Healthia
Nov.22,2018* Imasprooration Bhd in (MY)
Nov.22,2018* Intelligent Solar in (AU)
Nov.22,2018* IPH
Nov.22,2018* Iraqi for Seed Production in Baghdad (IQ)
Nov.22,2018* Iron Road in (AU)
Nov.22,2018* JPmorgan Emerging Markets Investment Trust in (UK)
Nov.22,2018* Kathmandu Holdings in (NZ)
Nov.22,2018* Keybridge Capital in (AU)
Nov.22,2018* Keytone Dairy Corporation
Nov.22,2018* Kinetiko Energy
Nov.22,2018* Kotra Industries Bhd in (MY)
Nov.22,2018* Lifebrandz
Nov.22,2018* Lion Forest Industries Bhd in (MY)
Nov.22,2018* Media Kobo in (JP)
Nov.22,2018* MEIKO NETWORK JAPAN in (JP)
Nov.22,2018* Micron Machinery in (JP)
Nov.22,2018* Mineral Resources in (AU)
Nov.22,2018* MinTails in (ZA)
Nov.22,2018* Monash IVF Group
Nov.22,2018* NAGAILEBEN in (JP)
Nov.22,2018* Navarre Minerals in (AU)
Nov.22,2018* NDU PAT
Nov.22,2018* Ngai Hing Hong in (HK)
Nov.22,2018* Noble Group
Nov.22,2018* Noni B in (AU)
Nov.22,2018* NuSep Holdings
Nov.22,2018* Oil Basins in (AU)
Nov.22,2018* Oldfields Holdings
Nov.22,2018* Orbital in (AU)
Nov.22,2018* Oriental Interest Bhd in (MY)
Nov.22,2018* Paos Holdings Bhd in (MY)
Nov.22,2018* Pestech International Bhd
Nov.22,2018* Plastrade Technology Bhd in (MY)
Nov.22,2018* Primi sui Motori
Nov.22,2018* Prominvestbank PAT in (UA)
Nov.22,2018* Q Technology Group in (AU)
Nov.22,2018* Rcg in (AU)
Nov.22,2018* Regeneus
Nov.22,2018* Riedel Resources in (AU)
Nov.22,2018* Robe Australia in (AU)
Nov.22,2018* Sambu Construction Co in (KR)
Nov.22,2018* Scicom MSC Bhd in (MY)
Nov.22,2018* Segue Resources
Nov.22,2018* Seraku Co
Nov.22,2018* Sern Kou Resources Bhd
Nov.22,2018* Shark Mitigation Systems
Nov.22,2018* Site Group International in (AU)
Nov.22,2018* Solutionrner (1998) in (TH)
Nov.22,2018* Spectur
Nov.22,2018* Sudokhodnaya kompaniya Volzhskoye parokhodstvo in (RU)
Nov.22,2018* Superloop
Nov.22,2018* SW Kingsway Capital Holdings in (HK)
Nov.22,2018* Time Watch Investments in (HK)
Nov.22,2018* Traffic Technologies in (AU)
Nov.22,2018* Trojan Equity in (AU)
Nov.22,2018* Truscott Mining in (AU)
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