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Aug.06,2017* Vision Sigma in (IL)
Aug.07,2017* Amarin Printing and Publishing in (TH)
Aug.07,2017* BBI Life Sciences
Aug.07,2017* Beijing IRTOUCH Systems in Beijing (CN)
Aug.07,2017* Beijing Taikong Panel Ind in Beijing (CN)
Aug.07,2017* Bringwell publ in (SE)
Aug.07,2017* Britannia Industries in (IN)
Aug.07,2017* China Oil Gangran Energy Group Hldg
Aug.07,2017* Chongqing Gangjiu in (CN)
Aug.07,2017* COFCO Tunhe in (CN)
Aug.07,2017* Daesung Private Equity in (KR)
Aug.07,2017* Elektroremont dd Banovici
Aug.07,2017* Eveready Industries India in (IN)
Aug.07,2017* Fujian Bosi Software Co
Aug.07,2017* Guangdong Tapai Group in (CN)
Aug.07,2017* Guangdong Topstar Technology Co
Aug.07,2017* Guodian Technology & Environment Group in (CN )
Aug.07,2017* Jadran ad Nova Gajdobra
Aug.07,2017* Jiang Su Yin He Electronics in (CN)
Aug.07,2017* Jiangsu Guotai International Group Guomao in (CN)
Aug.07,2017* Jiangsu WELLE Environmental
Aug.07,2017* Jiangyin Haida Rubber&Plastic
Aug.07,2017* KP Komunalac ad Foca
Aug.07,2017* Lakshmi Machine Works in (IN)
Aug.07,2017 Masterflex in Gelsenkirchen (DE)
Compliance Statement
Aug.07,2017* Mohit Industries
Aug.07,2017* Mukat Pipes
Aug.07,2017* Ningxia Building Materials Group in (CN)
Aug.07,2017* Novolog Pharm Up 1966
Aug.07,2017* NRB Bearing in (IN)
Aug.07,2017* Pandora Media on Oakland (US)
Aug.07,2017* Phoenix Township
Aug.07,2017* Shanghai ANOKY Textile Chem in (CN)
Aug.07,2017* Shantuinstruction Machinery in (CN)
Aug.07,2017* Shenzhen Seg Samsung Glass in (CN)
Aug.07,2017* Shenzhen Weiguang Biological Products Co
Aug.07,2017* Tangshan Sanyou Chemical Industries in (CN)
Aug.07,2017* Tianjin Realty Development (Group) in (CN)
Aug.07,2017* Wonders Information in (CN)
Aug.07,2017* Xi An Tourism in (CN)
Aug.07,2017* Zaklady Automatyki Polna in (PL)
Aug.07,2017* Zhengzhou GL Tech Co
Aug.08,2017* 2GO Group in (PH)
Aug.08,2017* Acxiom
Aug.08,2017* Anhui Honglu Steelnstruction(group) in (CN)
Aug.08,2017* Astral Poly Technik in (IN)
Aug.08,2017* Beijing Utour Intl Travel Svcs in Beijing (CN)
Aug.08,2017* Black Box
Aug.08,2017* Bombay Cycle and Motor Agency
Aug.08,2017* Bright Smart Securities &mmodities Group
Aug.08,2017* Ceat in (IN)
Aug.08,2017* Ci-Co
Aug.08,2017* Commercial Bank of Iraq PSC
Aug.08,2017* CSRA
Aug.08,2017* Daisho Microline Holdings
Aug.08,2017* Doctorglasses Chain Co
Aug.08,2017* EAM Solar
Aug.08,2017* Eicher Motors in (IN)
Aug.08,2017* EOMJI HOUSE
Aug.08,2017* Eprint Group
Aug.08,2017* Firstsource Solutions in (IN)
Aug.08,2017* Frutarom Industries in (IL)
Aug.08,2017* Futures Capital AD Sofia
Aug.08,2017* Gabriel India in (IN)
Aug.08,2017* Guangzhou Development Industry (Holdings) in (CN)
Aug.08,2017* Gujarat Hotels
Aug.08,2017* Hachsharat Hayishuv Hotels in (IL)
Aug.08,2017* HaengnamChina in (KR)
Aug.08,2017* Hangzhou Innover Technology Co
Aug.08,2017* Hindoosthan Mills
Aug.08,2017* Huayimpressor in (CN)
Aug.08,2017* Hubei Jiuzhiyang Infrared System Co
Aug.08,2017* Insecticides (India)
Aug.08,2017* IP Group in London (UK)
Aug.08,2017* Israel Discount Bank in (IL)
Aug.08,2017* Japra ad Novi Grad
Aug.08,2017* Jin Bao Bao Holdings
Aug.08,2017* Kedia Construction Co
Aug.08,2017* KMAelektromontazh
Aug.08,2017* Longxing Chemical Industry in (CN)
Aug.08,2017* Mobicon Group in (HK)
Aug.08,2017* Napochim Imobiliare
Aug.08,2017* Nilkamal
Aug.08,2017* Nitin Alloys Global
Aug.08,2017* Nivi Trading
Aug.08,2017* Palm Landscape Architecture
Aug.08,2017* Pha Lai Thermal Power Joint Stock in (VN)
Aug.08,2017* Qorvo in Dallas (US)
Aug.08,2017* Raunaq International in Faridabad (IN)
Aug.08,2017* Rongxin Power Electronic Co in (CN)
Aug.08,2017* Shandong Huifa Foodstuff Co
Aug.08,2017* Shanghai Dragonnet Technology Co in (CN)
Aug.08,2017* Simplex Papers
Aug.08,2017* Somoto
Aug.08,2017* South Ocean Holdings in (ZA)
Aug.08,2017* Tata Steel in Mumbai (IN)
Aug.08,2017* Tatwah Smartech in (CN)
Aug.08,2017* Thermax in (IN)
Aug.08,2017* Vertex Securities
Aug.08,2017* Xiamen Yanjan New Material Co
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