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May.28,2018* Horseshoe Metals in (AU)
May.28,2018* Hoteli Maestral
May.28,2018* Hudson Investment Group in (AU)
May.28,2018* Huirong Financials
May.28,2018* Hwa Woei Laminate
May.28,2018* Ichibanya in (JP)
May.28,2018* IHH Healthcare Bhd
May.28,2018* IMBC in (KR)
May.28,2018* Inventiva
May.28,2018 Investimenti e Sviluppo in Milano (IT)
May.28,2018* Jaya Trishindo Tbk
May.28,2018* Jg Summit Hldg
May.28,2018* Jugoinspekt ad Podgorica
May.28,2018* JWW Invest
May.28,2018* K-One Technology Bhd in (MY)
May.28,2018* Ka Shui International Holdings
May.28,2018* Kerry Logistics Network
May.28,2018* Kingboard Chemical Holdings in Hongkong (HK)
May.28,2018* Kingboard Laminates Holdings in Hongkong (HK)
May.28,2018* KSL Holdings Bhd in (MY)
May.28,2018* Kumpulan Jetson Bhd in (MY)
May.28,2018* Kuwait Real Estate KSCC in (KW)
May.28,2018* Lapidoth-Heletz LP in (IL)
May.28,2018* LC Group Holdings
May.28,2018* Leader Steel Holdings Bhd in (MY)
May.28,2018* Lee Swee Kiat Group Bhd in (MY)
May.28,2018* Leed
May.28,2018* Martina Berto Tbk
May.28,2018* Matahari Putra Prima Tbk in (ID)
May.28,2018* Median Technologies
May.28,2018* Mega First Bhd in (MY)
May.28,2018* Metal and Recycling KSC in Safat (KW)
May.28,2018* Metminco in (AU)
May.28,2018* Miko International Hldg
May.28,2018* Minox
May.28,2018* Mitrabara Adiperdana
May.28,2018* Mobile Telecommunications Saudi Arabia in (SA)
May.28,2018* MRSK Severnogo Kavkaza in (RU)
May.28,2018* Multipolar Tbk
May.28,2018* Mundo Minerals
May.28,2018* Naim Holdings Bhd in (MY)
May.28,2018* NEOVACS in Paris (FR)
May.28,2018* Niraj Cement Structurals in (IN)
May.28,2018* Nova Technology
May.28,2018* NPC Resources Bhd in (MY)
May.28,2018* OCK Group Bhd
May.28,2018* OneAll International
May.28,2018* Pasukhas Group Bhd
May.28,2018* Perakoration Bhd in (MY)
May.28,2018* Perfect Group International Holdings
May.28,2018* Pineapple Resources Bhd in Kuala Lumpur (MY)
May.28,2018* Polo Resources in Tortola (CA)
May.28,2018* Privatization Holding KSCC in Safat (KW)
May.28,2018* Pro Hawk in (TW)
May.28,2018* Progen Pharmaceuticals
May.28,2018* Pryme Energy
May.28,2018* PTK Panonija ad Panonija in (RS)
May.28,2018* Public Packages Holdings Bhd in (MY)
May.28,2018* Qinqin Foodstuffs Group Cayman Co
May.28,2018* Rossmax International in (TW)
May.28,2018* Rowad Tourism
May.28,2018* Runway Global Holdings
May.28,2018* Saikaya in (JP)
May.28,2018* Sajkaska Fabrika Secera ad Zabalj
May.28,2018* Secerana Crvenka ad Crvenka
May.28,2018* Sekar Bumi Tbk in (ID)
May.28,2018* Shandong Daye Co
May.28,2018* Shanghai Pudong Development Bank in (CN)
May.28,2018* Shenzhen Liantronics Co in (KR)
May.28,2018* Shish Industries
May.28,2018* Silver Grant International Industries in Hongkong (HK)
May.28,2018* Sino Hua-An International Bhd in (MY)
May.28,2018* Stark Technology in (TW)
May.28,2018* Studio Atao Co
May.28,2018* Sudostroitel'nyi zavod Vympel in (RU)
May.28,2018* Supersonic Imagine in (FR)
May.28,2018* Tajmiste AD Kicevo
May.28,2018* Tambun Indah Land Bhd
May.28,2018* Tameer Real Estate Investment KSCC
May.28,2018* Tifico Fiber Indonesia Tbk in (ID)
May.28,2018* Travel Technology Interactive
May.28,2018* Triglav Osiguruvanje AD Skopje
May.28,2018* Trigon Property Development AS
May.28,2018* Tuymazinskiy zavod avtobetonovozov in (RU)
May.28,2018* UNIQA Versicherungen AG in Vienna (AT)
May.28,2018* Unirea
May.28,2018* Universal Capital Bank ad Podgorica
May.28,2018* Valora Effekten Handel
May.28,2018* Vaswani Industries
May.28,2018* Vigor Kobo Co
May.28,2018* Vivanco Gruppe in (DE)
May.28,2018* Vodovod ad Banja Luka
May.28,2018* Westone Information Industry in (CN)
May.28,2018* Wisdom Group
May.28,2018* Xinjiang Baihuacun Co in (CN)
May.28,2018* XTPL
May.28,2018* YCC Parts MFG in (TW)
May.28,2018* Yevroplan PAO
May.28,2018* YGL Convergence Bhd in (MY)
May.28,2018* Zhongtian International in (CN)
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