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May.24,2018* Wakita & in (JP)
May.24,2018* Wang-Zheng Bhd in (MY)
May.24,2018* Warabeya Nichiyo in (JP)
May.24,2018* Waste Connections
May.24,2018 Westfield in Sydney (AU)
May.24,2018* White Mountains Insurance Group
May.24,2018* William Lyon Homes
May.24,2018* Wintrust Financial
May.24,2018* Wonder in (JP)
May.24,2018* Wonhe Multimedia Commerce
May.24,2018* World Fuel Services
May.24,2018* Worldline in Bezons (FR)
May.24,2018* Wuhan National Pharmaceutical Technologyltd in (CN)
May.24,2018* XO Group
May.24,2018* Yantai Changyu Pioneer Wine in (CN)
May.24,2018* Yongsheng Advanced Materials
May.24,2018* Yoshinoya Holdings in (JP)
May.24,2018* Yu Group
May.24,2018* Zagrebacka Banka in (HR)
May.24,2018* Zhong Ao Home Group
May.25,2018* A8 New Media Group
May.25,2018* AC in (PL)
May.25,2018* Active Group Holdings
May.25,2018* Adwya in (TN)
May.25,2018* Adx Energy in (AU)
May.25,2018* Air China in (CN)
May.25,2018* Allied Group
May.25,2018* Allied Properties (HK) in (HK)
May.25,2018* Asian Star Anchor Chain Jiangsu in (CN)
May.25,2018* ATM GRUPA in (PL)
May.25,2018* Australian Masters Yield Fund No 4
May.25,2018* Australian Masters Yield Fund No 5
May.25,2018* Baiyin Non-Ferrous Group Co
May.25,2018* Bank Mestika Dharma
May.25,2018* Bank Mitraniaga Tbk
May.25,2018* Bank Nationalnobu Tbk
May.25,2018* Bank of Chongqing in Chongqing (CN)
May.25,2018* Baoshan Iron & Steel in (CN)
May.25,2018* Batavia Prosperindo Internasional Tbk
May.25,2018* Beijing Yanjing Brewery in Beijing (CN)
May.25,2018* Belc in (JP)
May.25,2018* Bellsystem24 Holdings
May.25,2018* Bio Planet
May.25,2018* Bol'shoy Gostinyi Dvor in (RU)
May.25,2018* Boniaoration Bhd in (MY)
May.25,2018* Borac ad Surjan
May.25,2018* Broccoli in (JP)
May.25,2018* C'SMEN in (JP)
May.25,2018* Capitec Bank Holdings in Stellenbosch (ZA)
May.25,2018* CCT Tech International in Hongkong (HK)
May.25,2018* Cct Telecom Holdings in Hongkong (HK)
May.25,2018* Chanhigh Holdings
May.25,2018* Chart Industries
May.25,2018* Chengzhou Jingui Silver Ind
May.25,2018* China Citic Bank in (CN)
May.25,2018* China Investments Holdings
May.25,2018* China Kingstone Mining Holdings
May.25,2018* China Liansu Group Holdings in (HK)
May.25,2018* China Merchants China Direct Investments in Hongkong (HK)
May.25,2018* China Molybdenum
May.25,2018* China Pharmaceutical Group in (HK)
May.25,2018* China Ting Group Holdings
May.25,2018* China Titans Energy Technology Group in (CN)
May.25,2018* China Yu Tian Holdings
May.25,2018* China Zhongwang Holdings
May.25,2018* Chinarn Oil
May.25,2018 Cinda International Holdings in Hongkong (HK)
May.25,2018* Cineplex
May.25,2018* Cnova
May.25,2018* COFCO Tunhe in (CN)
May.25,2018* Conduent
May.25,2018* Contemporary Eastern Investment Co in (CN)
May.25,2018* ContourGlobal
May.25,2018* Cygnus Gold
May.25,2018* Dai Chau Group Joint Stock in (VN)
May.25,2018* Daiyu LIC Holdings Co
May.25,2018* Diamond Dining in (JP)
May.25,2018* Dian Swastatika Sentosa Tbk
May.25,2018* Dongbu 3rd Special Purpose Acquisition Co
May.25,2018* EGL Holdings Company
May.25,2018* ELL Environmental Holdings
May.25,2018* Elsoft Research Bhd
May.25,2018* Emerging Capital
May.25,2018* Energy Solutions International
May.25,2018* EP Manufacturing Bhd in (MY)
May.25,2018* Espirito Santo Saude SGPS
May.25,2018* Evergreen Fibreboard Bhd in (MY)
May.25,2018* Ferrexpo in (UK)
May.25,2018 Finatis in Paris (FR)
May.25,2018* Fitters Diversified Bhd in (MY)
May.25,2018* FKL ad Temerin
May.25,2018* FMSA Holdings
May.25,2018* Fong's Industries in Hongkong (HK)
May.25,2018* Forgame Holdings
May.25,2018* Formosa Prosonic Industries Bhd in (MY)
May.25,2018* FTB Turizam
May.25,2018* Fujian Holdings
May.25,2018* Geely Automobile Holdings in Hongkong (HK)
May.25,2018* Genvon Group
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