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Oct.10,2017* Mohandes Insurance in (EG)
Oct.10,2017* Mortice
Oct.10,2017* Naphtha Israel Petroleum Corp
Oct.10,2017* Procter & Gamble
Oct.10,2017* Shenzhen Sinexcel Electric Co
Oct.10,2017* Skarbiec Holding
Oct.10,2017* SKW Stahl-Metallurgie Holding in Munich (DE)
Compliance Statement
Oct.10,2017* Strattec Security
Oct.10,2017* Swemet
Oct.10,2017* Techno Quartz in (JP)
Oct.10,2017* Villar International in (IL)
Oct.11,2017* AAR corp in Wood dale (US)
Oct.11,2017* AMBRA in (PL)
Oct.11,2017* Australian Foundation Investment in (AU)
Oct.11,2017* Bamboos Health Care Holdings
Oct.11,2017* Botnia Exploration Holding publ
Oct.11,2017* Catic Shenzhen Holdings in (HK)
Oct.11,2017* CD Projekt in (PL)
Oct.11,2017* Central Asia Metals
Oct.11,2017* Cheung Kong Infrastructure Holdings in Hongkong (HK)
Oct.11,2017* Cheung Kong Property Holdings
Oct.11,2017* Cosmos Machinery Enterprises in (HK)
Oct.11,2017* Gfinity
Oct.11,2017 HelloFresh in Berlin (DE)
Oct.11,2017* Internet Union
Oct.11,2017* Itn Nanovation in Saarbruecken (DE)
Oct.11,2017* Marka PJSC
Oct.11,2017* Paychex
Oct.11,2017* President Rice Products in (TH)
Oct.11,2017* Privanet Group Oyj in (FI)
Oct.11,2017* Tai Kam Holdings
Oct.11,2017* Thai President Foods in (TH)
Oct.12,2017* Alexandria Flour Mills and Bakeries in (EG)
Oct.12,2017* Amoy Diagnostics Co
Oct.12,2017* Bank Of BeirutL
Oct.12,2017* Bobar Osiguranje ad Bijeljina
Oct.12,2017 British Sky Broadcasting in (UK)
Oct.12,2017* Chemometec in (DK)
Oct.12,2017* Complex in (PL)
Oct.12,2017* Constructii Hidrotehnice
Oct.12,2017* Dabomb Protein
Oct.12,2017* DELKO in (PL)
Oct.12,2017* Dice Sport and Casual WearE
Oct.12,2017* Dongbu Insurance in (KR)
Oct.12,2017* Egyptian Iron and SteelE in (EG)
Oct.12,2017* Gulf Commercial Bank PSC in Baghdad (IQ)
Oct.12,2017* Kennedy Wilson Holdings
Oct.12,2017* LTX-Credence
Oct.12,2017* Mostostal Warszawa in (PL)
Oct.12,2017* Multistrada Arah Sarana Tbk in (ID)
Oct.12,2017* Noble Development in (TH)
Oct.12,2017* PATI Games
Oct.12,2017* Paynova in (SE)
Oct.12,2017* Seafco in (TH)
Oct.12,2017* SG Group Holdings
Oct.12,2017* Shanghai Emperor of Cleaning Hi-Tech Co
Oct.12,2017* Valuenvergence Holdings in Hongkong (HK)
Oct.12,2017* Zhejiang Zhaofeng Mechanical and Electronic Co
Oct.13,2017* Abadon Real Estate in (PL)
Oct.13,2017* Analabs Resources Bhd in (MY)
Oct.13,2017* Chengdu Dr Peng Telecom & Media Group in (CN)
Oct.13,2017* Eurasia Groupe in (FR)
Oct.13,2017* Man Sang Jewellery Holdings
Oct.13,2017* Megapolitan Developments Tbk in (MY)
Oct.13,2017 Naga Group in Hamburg (DE)
Oct.13,2017* PME African Infrastructure Opportunities
Oct.13,2017* Raffles Education in Singapore (SG)
Oct.13,2017* Real Holding i Sverige publ in (SE)
Oct.13,2017* UniCredit Bank ad Banja Luka in (BA)
Oct.13,2017* Union Optech Co
Oct.13,2017* Yichang Hec Changjiang Pharmaceutical Co
Oct.13,2017* Zhejiang CFMoto Power Co
Oct.13,2017* Zhongzhi Pharmaceutical Holdings
Oct.14,2017* Brothers Solidarity for Real Estate Investment and Food Security SAE
Oct.14,2017* Dona Transportation Construction JSC
Oct.14,2017* Swisslion Industrija Alata ad Trebinje
Oct.14,2017* Uchida Yoko in (JP)
Oct.15,2017* Ashot Ashkelon Industries in (IL)
Oct.15,2017* Iraqi Company for Engineering Works
Oct.15,2017* Proteologics
Oct.15,2017* Qualitau in (IL)
Oct.15,2017* Top Ramdor Systems andmputers 1990 in (IL)
Oct.16,2017* AEON Reit Investment
Oct.16,2017* Audience Labs in Lyon (FR)
Oct.16,2017* Bank Internasional Indonesia Tbk
Oct.16,2017* Baocheng Investment Co in (CN)
Oct.16,2017* Brenmiller Energy
Oct.16,2017* Central China Securities
Oct.16,2017* Champions Oncology
Oct.16,2017* Changchun Up Optotech in (CN)
Oct.16,2017* Cochlear in (AU)
Oct.16,2017* Codere in (ES)
Oct.16,2017* Easyvista in (FR)
Oct.16,2017* ECHO INVESTMENT in (PL)
Oct.16,2017* Fancy Wood Industries
Oct.16,2017* FinnAust Mining
Oct.16,2017* Hin Sang Group International Holding Co
Oct.16,2017* IFE Elevators Co
Oct.16,2017* JP Komrad ad Rogatica
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