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Jul.24,2017* GIC Housing Finance in (IN)
Jul.24,2017* Group Five in (ZA)
Jul.24,2017* Harvest Capital Management Public in (CY)
Jul.24,2017* HDFC Bank in (IN)
Jul.24,2017* Hoftex Group in (DE)
Jul.24,2017* Inet-School in (KR)
Jul.24,2017* Isxis Investment Public in (CY)
Jul.24,2017* JM Financial in (IN)
Jul.24,2017* Lisina ad Sipovo
Jul.24,2017* Mukand
Jul.24,2017* Ninh Binh Clean Water JSC
Jul.24,2017* NPF Respublika AO
Jul.24,2017* On Real International Holdings
Jul.24,2017* Oxxy Group
Jul.24,2017* Ozon dd Travnik
Jul.24,2017* Pc Mall
Jul.24,2017* Pudumjee Industries
Jul.24,2017* PVR in Mumbai (IN)
Jul.24,2017* Regallia Holdings and Investments Public in (CY)
Jul.24,2017* Rpg Life Sciences
Jul.24,2017* Sokoprevoz ad Soko Banja
Jul.24,2017* Solo Oil in (UK)
Jul.24,2017* Tamilnadu Petroproducts in (IN)
Jul.24,2017* USA Mobility
Jul.24,2017 VEON (formerly: VimpelCom) in Amsterdam (RU)
Jul.24,2017* Vindhya Telelinks
Jul.24,2017* Welcure Drugs and Pharmaceuticals
Jul.24,2017* Winswaykingal Holdings in (HK)
Jul.24,2017* Worldline in Bezons (FR)
Jul.25,2017* Al Noor Hospitals Group on 20 July 2016 merged in Mediclinic International
Jul.25,2017* Andhra Pradesh Paper Mills in (IN)
Jul.25,2017* Annil Co
Jul.25,2017* AREVA T&D India in (IN)
Jul.25,2017* Big Sofa Technologies Group
Jul.25,2017* Brico Distribution
Jul.25,2017* Carlo Gavazzi Holding in (CH)
Jul.25,2017* Elbit Imaging in (IL)
Jul.25,2017* EPE Special Opportunities
Jul.25,2017* Fiera Milano in Milan (IT)
Jul.25,2017* GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals in (IN)
Jul.25,2017* Grupex dd Velika Kladusa
Jul.25,2017* Gujarat Sidhee Cement in (IN)
Jul.25,2017* Harrahs International Holding
Jul.25,2017* ICON in Dublin (IE)
Jul.25,2017* Impac Mortgage Holdings
Jul.25,2017* Intermediate Capital Group in London (UK)
Jul.25,2017* Ito En in (JP)
Jul.25,2017* Kalyani Forge
Jul.25,2017* KGL Logistics KSCC
Jul.25,2017* Legg Mason in Baltimore (US)
Jul.25,2017* Luckytex (Thailand) in (TH)
Jul.25,2017* Mahindra Lifespace Developers in (IN)
Jul.25,2017* Meridie in (IT)
Jul.25,2017* MobilityOne in (MY)
Jul.25,2017* Multibase India
Jul.25,2017* Mytrah Energy
Jul.25,2017* Nadex in (JP)
Jul.25,2017* Neofidelityorporated
Jul.25,2017* Prakash Industries in (IN)
Jul.25,2017* Prosveta ad Beograd
Jul.25,2017* Raysut CementOG in (OM)
Jul.25,2017* Safestore Holdings
Jul.25,2017* Saldus Mezrupnieciba AS in (LV)
Jul.25,2017* Sato Foods in (JP)
Jul.25,2017* Shanghai Moons' Electric Co
Jul.25,2017* SMRE
Jul.25,2017* Sunautas in (JP)
Jul.25,2017* Tempo Inti Media Tbk in (ID)
Jul.25,2017* Tinplate Company of India in (IN)
Jul.25,2017* TR Property Investment Trust in (UK)
Jul.25,2017* Weifu High Technology Group in (CN)
Jul.25,2017* Yanaprima Hastapersada Tbk in (ID)
Jul.25,2017* Yasynivs'kyi koksokhimichnyi zavod PAT
Jul.26,2017* A Tsokkos Hotels Public in (CY)
Jul.26,2017* AA Industrial Belting Shanghai Co
Jul.26,2017* Belle International Holdings
Jul.26,2017* Blue Label Telecoms in (ZA)
Jul.26,2017* BRAIT SE in (ZA)
Jul.26,2017* C Co in (KR)
Jul.26,2017* China City Railway Transp
Jul.26,2017* Chow Tai Fook Jewellery Group in Hongkong (HK)
Jul.26,2017* Csc Hldg in Singapore (SG)
Jul.26,2017* CTO Public Company in (CY)
Jul.26,2017* Dabur India in (IN)
Jul.26,2017* Dongyue Group
Jul.26,2017* Elegant Marbles and Grani Industries
Jul.26,2017* EmbedWay Technologies Shanghai
Jul.26,2017* Everest Industries
Jul.26,2017* Fabrika cementa Lukavac dd Lukavac
Jul.26,2017* Full Speed in (JP)
Jul.26,2017* Grand Ming Group Holding
Jul.26,2017* Greenhill &
Jul.26,2017* Grindwell Norton in (IN)
Jul.26,2017* gumi
Jul.26,2017* Halfords Group in (UK)
Jul.26,2017* Housing Development Finance in Mumbai (IN)
Jul.26,2017* Indusind Bank in (IN)
Jul.26,2017* Intellego Holdings in (UK)
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