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AGMagenda dates in chronological order.

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May.24,2018* Independent Bank Group
May.24,2018* InDex Pharmaceuticals Holding in Stockholm (SE)
May.24,2018 Indus Holding in Cologne (DE)
Compliance Statement
May.24,2018* Infinera
May.24,2018* Inmobiliaria Colonial inBarcelona (ES)
May.24,2018* Inphi
May.24,2018* Instructure
May.24,2018* Interlife Holdings in (JP)
May.24,2018* Intermolecular
May.24,2018* International Co for Investment and Development SAE in (EG)
May.24,2018* Interpublic Group of companies in New York (US)
May.24,2018 Intertek group in London (UK)
May.24,2018* Invitation Homes
May.24,2018* Ior
May.24,2018* IZUTSUYA CO in (JP)
May.24,2018* J.Front Retailing in (JP)
May.24,2018* Jakarta Setiabudi Internasional Tbk in (ID)
May.24,2018* Jiangzhong Pharmaceutical in (CN)
May.24,2018* Jiuzhou Development in (HK)
May.24,2018* Juniper Networks in Sunnyvale (US)
May.24,2018* Kanseki in (JP)
May.24,2018* Karula in (JP)
May.24,2018* KazTransOil AO in (RU)
May.24,2018* Keane Group
May.24,2018* Kingdom Holdings in (HK)
May.24,2018* Kintetsu Department Store CO in (JP)
May.24,2018* Kirovskiy zavod po obrabotke tsvetnykh metallov in (RU)
May.24,2018* Kohnan Shoji in (JP)
May.24,2018* Koradior Holdings
May.24,2018* Krasnokamskiy zavod metallicheskikh setok in (RU)
May.24,2018* Kumpulan Perangsang Selangor Bhd in (MY)
May.24,2018* Kunlun Energy in Hongkong (HK)
May.24,2018* Kyoritsumputer & Communication
May.24,2018* Land in (JP)
May.24,2018* Lanpec Technologies in (CN)
May.24,2018* Learning Technologies Group
May.24,2018* Liberty Broadband
May.24,2018* LIFE CORP in (JP)
May.24,2018* Life Foods in (JP)
May.24,2018* Lifespot Health
May.24,2018* LIHIT LAB INC in (JP)
May.24,2018 Lloyds Banking Group in Edinburgh (UK)
May.24,2018* Magellan Health Services
May.24,2018 Manx Financial Group in Douglas (IM)
May.24,2018* Marukyu in (JP)
May.24,2018* Maruzen in (JP)
May.24,2018* Matsuya in (JP)
May.24,2018* McDonalds in Oak Brook (US)
May.24,2018* MClean Technologies Bhd in (SG)
May.24,2018* Medical Ikkou in (JP)
May.24,2018* Medical Properties Trust
May.24,2018* Megapolitan Developments Tbk in (MY)
May.24,2018* Melisron Limited in (IL)
May.24,2018* Mem SC Ap in (FR)
May.24,2018* Mercantile Bank
May.24,2018* Mercury Industries Bhd in (MY)
May.24,2018* Merit Medical Systems
May.24,2018* Merry Garden Holdings
May.24,2018* Metallurgicheskiy zavod im.A.K.Serova in (RU)
May.24,2018* MGM China Holdings
May.24,2018* Midi Utama Indonesia Tbk
May.24,2018* Minmetals Resources in Hongkong (HK)
May.24,2018* Mitula Group
May.24,2018* MM Group for Industry and International Trade SAE
May.24,2018* Mobi Development
May.24,2018* Mohawk Industries
May.24,2018* Morgan Stanley in New York (US)
May.24,2018* MTN Group in (ZA)
May.24,2018* Multifield International Holdings in (HK)
May.24,2018* Murmanskoye morskoye parokhodstvo in (RU)
May.24,2018* Nanya Technology in (TW)
May.24,2018* National Cement in (EG)
May.24,2018* Natural Beauty Bio Technology in Hongkong (HK)
May.24,2018* Navient
May.24,2018* Nelnet
May.24,2018* Neuca in (PL)
May.24,2018* Neurocrine Biosciences
May.24,2018* New Media Investment Group
May.24,2018* New Residential Investment
May.24,2018* Newtech in (JP)
May.24,2018* NextEra Energy
May.24,2018* Nicox in (FR)
May.24,2018* Nomura in (JP)
May.24,2018* Northern Shipping Joint Stock in (VN)
May.24,2018* Northrim BanCorp
May.24,2018* Northwest Natural Gas in Portland (US)
May.24,2018* Nusantara Infrastructure Tbk in (ID)
May.24,2018* Nutribiotech Co
May.24,2018* Nxstage Medical
May.24,2018* Oci in (KR)
May.24,2018* OHB Technology in Bremen (D)
May.24,2018* ONE Gas in Tulsa (US)
Compliance Statement
May.24,2018* Onward Holdings in (JP)
May.24,2018* Oriental Explorer Holdings
May.24,2018* OSK Holdings Bhd in (MY)
May.24,2018* Panterra Gold
May.24,2018* Parity Group in (UK)
May.24,2018* Patentus in (PL)
May.24,2018* Paxman AB (publ)
May.24,2018* Pelikan Internationaloration Bhd in (MY)
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