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Mar.28,2018* HUDLAND Real Estate Development and Investment Joint Stock in (VN)
Mar.28,2018* Hynix Semiconductor in (KR)
Mar.28,2018* Hyundai Mipo Dockyard in (KR)
Mar.28,2018* Igloo Security
Mar.28,2018* Iljin Display in (KR)
Mar.28,2018* Impact Healthcare REIT
Mar.28,2018* Infinio Group in Singapore (SG)
Mar.28,2018* Innocean Worldwide
Mar.28,2018* Intekplus
Mar.28,2018* International Company for Fertilizers and Chemicals SAE in (EG)
Mar.28,2018* International for LeasingE
Mar.28,2018* Ise Chemicals in (JP)
Mar.28,2018 ISRA VISION SYSTEMS in Darmstadt (DE)
Mar.28,2018* Itek Semiconductor in (KR)
Mar.28,2018* ITOKI CORP in (JP)
Mar.28,2018* Japan Investment Adviser
Mar.28,2018* Japan Power Fastening in (JP)
Mar.28,2018* JCEntertainment in (KR)
Mar.28,2018* Jeju Air Co
Mar.28,2018* JIG-SAW
Mar.28,2018* JMC
Mar.28,2018* Jordan Loan Guarantee
Mar.28,2018* Jsc Danang Education Development & Invts in (VN)
Mar.28,2018* Kagome in (JP)
Mar.28,2018* Kam''ianets'-Podil's'kavtoahrehat PAT
Mar.28,2018* Kaon Media in (KR)
Mar.28,2018* KB Dream Together 4th Special Purpose Acquisition Co
Mar.28,2018* Keiyo Gas in (JP)
Mar.28,2018* KEPCO Plant Service & Engineering in (KR)
Mar.28,2018* Khanh Hoa Power Joint Stock in (VN)
Mar.28,2018* KNW in (KR)
Mar.28,2018* Komelon in (KR)
Mar.28,2018* KoMiCo
Mar.28,2018* Korea New Network
Mar.28,2018* Kozosushi So Honbu in (JP)
Mar.28,2018* Kredyt Inkaso in (PL)
Mar.28,2018* Kuk-Il Paper MFG Co in (KR)
Mar.28,2018* Kukje DY in (KR)
Mar.28,2018* KURIYAMA CORP in (JP)
Mar.28,2018* Kuwait Telecommunications Co KSCC in (KW)
Mar.28,2018* KYORITSU AIR TECH INC in (JP)
Mar.28,2018* Lakehouse
Mar.28,2018* Lecico EgyptE in (EG)
Mar.28,2018* Leeno Industrial in (KR)
Mar.28,2018* Legs in (JP)
Mar.28,2018* LICOGI 14 Joint Stock
Mar.28,2018* Lien Viet Post Joint Stock Commercial Bank
Mar.28,2018* LIG Nex1 Co
Mar.28,2018* Long Hau in (VN)
Mar.28,2018* Ls Industrial Systems in (KR)
Mar.28,2018* Luxpia Co
Mar.28,2018* Malarasen AB (publ)
Mar.28,2018* Mccormick &
Mar.28,2018* McDonalds Holdings(Japan) in (JP)
Mar.28,2018* Midasome + Growth Trust in (UK)
Mar.28,2018* Mikikogyo in (JP)
Mar.28,2018* Misr Cement Company QENA E S C
Mar.28,2018* Miyoshi Oil & Fat in (JP)
Mar.28,2018* Mobile Telecommunications KSC in Safat (KW)
Mar.28,2018* Mynet
Mar.28,2018* Nassoration BSC in Manama (BH)
Mar.28,2018* National Company for Housing for Professional Syndicates SAE in (EG)
Mar.28,2018* National for Maize Products in (EG)
Mar.28,2018* National Life and General Insurance Co SAOC
Mar.28,2018* Neo Technical System in (KR)
Mar.28,2018* Nicca Chemical in (JP)
Mar.28,2018* Nichirin in (JP)
Mar.28,2018* Nihonwasou Hldg in (JP)
Mar.28,2018* Nippon Carbon in (JP)
Mar.28,2018* Nippon Paint in (JP)
Mar.28,2018* Nipponncept
Mar.28,2018* NPinvestor.com
Mar.28,2018* O-uccino in (JP)
Mar.28,2018* Olmuksan International Paper Ambalaj Sanayi ve Ticaret AS in (TR)
Mar.28,2018* Oman and Emirates Investment HoldingOG
Mar.28,2018* Oman ChlorineOG
Mar.28,2018* Optimus in (FR)
Mar.28,2018* Otsuka in (JP)
Mar.28,2018* Outsourcing in (JP)
Mar.28,2018* P in (ES)
Mar.28,2018* Palestine Electric in (PS)
Mar.28,2018* Pan Entertainment Co in (KR)
Mar.28,2018* PBZ Privredna banka Zagreb in Zagreb (HR)
Mar.28,2018* Pentagon Protection in (UK)
Mar.28,2018* Philip Morris Operations ad Nis
Mar.28,2018* Philoptics Co
Mar.28,2018* PhuThinh - Nhabe Garment Joint Stock in (VN)
Mar.28,2018* Pilkor Electronics in (KR)
Mar.28,2018* Pixta
Mar.28,2018* Poltavaplemservis PAT
Mar.28,2018* Poltavs'kyi zavod medychnoho skla PAT
Mar.28,2018* Prospect Resources in (AU)
Mar.28,2018* PSC in (JP)
Mar.28,2018* Qian Huoration in (SG)
Mar.28,2018* Ram Technology
Mar.28,2018* Renaissance ServicesOG
Mar.28,2018* Rowad Tourism
Mar.28,2018* Royal Holdings in (JP)
Mar.28,2018* Royal Orchid Hotel (Thailand)
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