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Sep.28,2017* Welspun Investments and Commercials
Sep.28,2017* Willplus Holdings Co
Sep.28,2017* Zaporizhtransformator PAT in (UA)
Sep.28,2017* Zero in (JP)
Sep.28,2017* Zuari Industries in (IN)
Sep.29,2017* Aayush Food and Herbs
Sep.29,2017* Actionnstruction Equipment in (IN)
Sep.29,2017* Adtec in (JP)
Sep.29,2017* Agarwal Holdings
Sep.29,2017* Agro Dutch Industries
Sep.29,2017* Alfavision Overseas (India)
Sep.29,2017* Alka Diamond Industries
Sep.29,2017* Alliancebernstein Holding LP
Sep.29,2017* Allied Herbals
Sep.29,2017* Alpha MOS in (FR)
Sep.29,2017* Alumast
Sep.29,2017 AlzChem Group in Munich (DE)
Sep.29,2017* Anant Raj Industries in New Delhi (IN)
Sep.29,2017* Angie's List
Sep.29,2017* Ashirwad Capital
Sep.29,2017* Atari in (FR)
Sep.29,2017* Aveva Group in (UK)
Sep.29,2017* Avon Mercantile
Sep.29,2017* Azia avto AO
Sep.29,2017* Bhanderi Infracon
Sep.29,2017* Bharat Immunologicals and Biologicals Corporation
Sep.29,2017* Bisil Plast
Sep.29,2017* Brighter publ in (SE)
Sep.29,2017* Capacent Holding publ
Sep.29,2017* Celltrion in (KR)
Sep.29,2017* Cfao Ci
Sep.29,2017* Changzhou Youon Public Bicycle System Co
Sep.29,2017* Classic Electricals
Sep.29,2017* Coral Laboratories
Sep.29,2017* COSCO India in (IN)
Sep.29,2017* D & H Welding Electrodes India
Sep.29,2017* Danlaw Technologies India in (IN)
Sep.29,2017* Dolat Investments
Sep.29,2017* Dwekam Industries
Sep.29,2017* Eastern Commercial Leasing in (TH)
Sep.29,2017* Ed in (KR)
Sep.29,2017* Ellora Paper Mills
Sep.29,2017* Euro Ceramics
Sep.29,2017* Fidelity + Guaranty Life
Sep.29,2017* Figeac Aero
Sep.29,2017* Fila Korea in (KR)
Sep.29,2017* Fomento Resorts and Hotels
Sep.29,2017* Franklin Industries
Sep.29,2017* G G Engineering
Sep.29,2017* Ganesh Foundry + Castings
Sep.29,2017* Garodia Chemicals
Sep.29,2017* Glenmark Pharmaceuticals in (IN)
Sep.29,2017* GMK Noril'skiy nikel' in (RU)
Sep.29,2017* Goldtek Technology Co
Sep.29,2017* Gorani Industries
Sep.29,2017* Grandma Trading and Agencies
Sep.29,2017* GSL Securities
Sep.29,2017* Guangzhou SiE Consulting Co
Sep.29,2017* Gujarat Craft Industries
Sep.29,2017* Gujarat Narmada Valley Fertilizers in (IN)
Sep.29,2017* Guy Degrenne in (FR)
Sep.29,2017* Hercegovina Auto Export Import dd Mostar in (BA)
Sep.29,2017* Hybrid Service in (JP)
Sep.29,2017* Id Info Business Services
Sep.29,2017* IFM Impex Global
Sep.29,2017* IMImobile
Sep.29,2017* Indiabulls Real Estate
Sep.29,2017* Ingra in (HR)
Sep.29,2017* Inland Printers
Sep.29,2017* International Pumps and Projects
Sep.29,2017* Japan Excellent in (JP)
Sep.29,2017* Jindal Capital
Sep.29,2017* JRI Industries and Infrastructure
Sep.29,2017* Just Dial
Sep.29,2017* Kamanwala Housing Construction in (IN)
Sep.29,2017* Kamron Laboratories
Sep.29,2017* Kinetic Engineering
Sep.29,2017* Laffans Petrochemicals
Sep.29,2017* LDLC.Com in Dardilly (FR)
Sep.29,2017* Lords Chloro Alkali
Sep.29,2017* Madhav Infra Projects
Sep.29,2017* MarketEnterprise Co
Sep.29,2017* Mediazest in (EG)
Sep.29,2017* Milgrey Finance and Investments
Sep.29,2017* Mirch Technologies India
Sep.29,2017* Mitra Investindo Tbk in (ID)
Sep.29,2017* MK Exim (India)
Sep.29,2017* Mobil'nye TeleSistemy in (RU)
Sep.29,2017* Montagne et Neige Developpement
Sep.29,2017* Motoricus in (PL)
Sep.29,2017* Mukesh Babu Financial Services
Sep.29,2017* N D Metal Industries
Sep.29,2017* Nagarjuna Agri Tech in (IN)
Sep.29,2017* Navigant Corporate Advisors
Sep.29,2017* Neooto Co
Sep.29,2017* Netvista Venture
Sep.29,2017* Nexteye
Sep.29,2017* Niwas Spinning Mills
Sep.29,2017* NK Rosneft in St. Petersburg (RU)
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