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Dec.09,2022* Daqo New Energy
Dec.09,2022* Diversified Gateway Solutions Bhd in (MY)
Dec.09,2022* Don Agro International
Dec.09,2022* Dongwon F + B Co in (KR)
Dec.09,2022* Dynamic Holdings in (HK)
Dec.09,2022* Eden Inc Bhd in (IN)
Dec.09,2022* Ekovest Bhd in (MY)
Dec.09,2022* Electricite et Eaux de Madagascar EEM in (FR)
Dec.09,2022* Engold Mines
Dec.09,2022* Figaro Coffee Group
Dec.09,2022* First Pacific in Hongkong (HK)
Dec.09,2022* Foshan Hai Tian Flavouring&
Dec.09,2022* Frontier IP Group in Edinburgh (UK)
Dec.09,2022* FS Energy and Power Fund
Dec.09,2022* GreenSky in (US)
Dec.09,2022* Grit Real Estate Income Group
Dec.09,2022* Henan Jinma Energy Co
Dec.09,2022* Hitachi Metals in (JP)
Dec.09,2022* ICICLE Group Holdings
Dec.09,2022* ICK in (KR)
Dec.09,2022* IDB Technologies Bhd
Dec.09,2022* Idex BIOMETRICS in Oslo (NO)
Dec.09,2022* Innscor Africa in (ZW)
Dec.09,2022* Iqnovate
Dec.09,2022* Ivanhoe Mines
Dec.09,2022* Jaycorp Bhd in (MY)
Dec.09,2022* Jiyi Household International Holdings
Dec.09,2022* Jupiter European Opportunities Trust in (UK)
Dec.09,2022* K12 in Washington D.C. (US)
Dec.09,2022* Kamdar Group M Bhd in (MY)
Dec.09,2022* Kamdhenu Ispat in (IN)
Dec.09,2022* Knutsford Express Services
Dec.09,2022* KSL Holdings
Dec.09,2022* Leatt
Dec.09,2022* Madison Square Garden Co
Dec.09,2022* Malayan United Industries Bhd in (MY)
Dec.09,2022* MCB Group
Dec.09,2022* Median Technologies
Dec.09,2022* Metro Global Holdings
Dec.09,2022* MKB Bank
Dec.09,2022* Nan Nan Resources Enterprise in (MY)
Dec.09,2022* Nanophase Technologies
Dec.09,2022* Newera Resources in (AU)
Dec.09,2022* Ngenic AB (publ)
Dec.09,2022* NLS Pharmaceutics
Dec.09,2022* Norse Atlantic
Dec.09,2022* Nutanix in San Jose (US)
Dec.09,2022* Nutriband
Dec.09,2022* NuZee
Dec.09,2022* OTC Markets Group
Dec.09,2022* Pan Malaysia Holdings Bhd in (MY)
Dec.09,2022* Pasithea Therapeutics
Dec.09,2022* Pearl Gold
Dec.09,2022* Primavera Capital Acquisition
Dec.09,2022* Prospect Capital in New York (US)
Dec.09,2022* Range Resources in (AU)
Dec.09,2022* ReneSola in (CN)
Dec.09,2022* Renewable Ventures Nordic
Dec.09,2022* Rodina 91 AD Dobrich in (BG)
Dec.09,2022* Rotem Shani Entrepreneurship and Investments
Dec.09,2022* Round Hill Music Royalty Fund
Dec.09,2022* RYB Education
Dec.09,2022* Sapphire Corporation
Dec.09,2022* Schmitt Industries in Portland (US)
Dec.09,2022* Shepherd Neame in (UK)
Dec.09,2022* SingAsia Holdings
Dec.09,2022* Singing Machine
Dec.09,2022* SoftOx Solutions AS
Dec.09,2022* Solitron Devices
Dec.09,2022* Soprano Oyj in (FI)
Dec.09,2022* SPI Energy Co
Dec.09,2022* Spur in (ZA)
Dec.09,2022* Store Capital in (US)
Dec.09,2022* Tai Ping Carpets International
Dec.09,2022* Telemasters Holdings
Dec.09,2022* Telkom in (ZA)
Dec.09,2022* Terentius Se
Dec.09,2022* Thinc Jetty Collective AB (publ)
Dec.09,2022* Timia Capital in (CA)
Dec.09,2022* Trabzon Liman Isletmeciligi AS
Dec.09,2022* Trident Texofab
Dec.09,2022* Veg of Lund AB (publ)
Dec.09,2022* Victory Square Technologies
Dec.09,2022* Vilmorin & Cie in Paris (FR)
Dec.09,2022* Washington H Soul Pattinson in Sydney (AU)
Dec.09,2022* Weiqiao Textile in (CN)
Dec.09,2022* Werth Holz
Dec.09,2022* Westleaf
Dec.09,2022* Westmount Energy
Dec.09,2022* X Financial
Dec.09,2022* Zhi Sheng Group Holdings
Dec.10,2022* Al Qurtas Islamic Investment + Finance Bank
Dec.10,2022* BWX
Dec.10,2022* Skistar in (SE)
Dec.10,2022* SPEL Semiconductor
Dec.10,2022* TY Holdings Co
Dec.11,2022* Dan Hotels in (IL)
Dec.11,2022* Erika Carmel
Dec.11,2022* Kadimastem
Dec.11,2022* Muscat City Desalination Company
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