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Aug.19,2022* Sun Hing Vision Group Holdings in Hongkong (HK)
Aug.19,2022* Sunray Engineering Group
Aug.19,2022* Sunrise Industrial Traders
Aug.19,2022* Thorn Group in (AU)
Aug.19,2022* Total Face Group
Aug.19,2022* Tower Investments
Aug.19,2022* Tsui Wah Restaurant
Aug.19,2022* Turbine Truck Engines
Aug.19,2022* Ucommune International
Aug.19,2022* Unified Factory
Aug.19,2022* Vegetable Products
Aug.19,2022* Volex in (UK)
Aug.19,2022* Vst Tillers Tractors in (IN)
Aug.19,2022* Wecon Holdings
Aug.19,2022* West Island Brands
Aug.19,2022* Wing Chi Holdings
Aug.19,2022* Yulie Sekurindo Tbk in (ID)
Aug.20,2022* AAC Technologies Holdings in Hongkong (HK)
Aug.20,2022* El Obour Real Estate Investment
Aug.20,2022* Gulf Commercial Bank PSC in Baghdad (IQ)
Aug.20,2022* HTP Korcula in (HR)
Aug.20,2022* Surana Telecom And Power
Aug.20,2022* Websol Energy System
Aug.21,2022* Brill Shoe Industries in (IL)
Aug.21,2022* Chakratec
Aug.21,2022* First Finance Co PSC
Aug.21,2022* Mobilicom
Aug.21,2022* Saudi Enaya Cooperative Insurance Co SJSC
Aug.21,2022* U Dori Group in (IL)
Aug.21,2022* Union Bank of Iraq PSC in (IQ)
Aug.22,2022* Abion
Aug.22,2022* AEGEK in (GR)
Aug.22,2022* Argentex Group
Aug.22,2022* Asia-express Logistics Holdings
Aug.22,2022* Astra Microwave Products in (IN)
Aug.22,2022* Atlassian Corporation
Aug.22,2022* Australian Pacific Coal
Aug.22,2022* BankNordik P/F in (FO)
Aug.22,2022* Bayer Cropscience in Mumbai (IN)
Aug.22,2022* Benefit Systems in (PL)
Aug.22,2022* BMG Resources in (AU)
Aug.22,2022* Bosideng International Holdings
Aug.22,2022* Bright Scholar Education Holdings
Aug.22,2022* Cedar Shopping Centers
Aug.22,2022* Circor International
Aug.22,2022* Comvex in (RO)
Aug.22,2022* Dishman Carbogen Amcis
Aug.22,2022* Divis Laboratories in (IN)
Aug.22,2022* DPW Holdings
Aug.22,2022* East Stone Acquisition
Aug.22,2022* Eksons Bhd in (MY)
Aug.22,2022* Elspec Engineering in (IL)
Aug.22,2022* Eltek in Drammen (NO)
Aug.22,2022* Emico Holdings Bhd in (MY)
Aug.22,2022* Gujarat Reclaim And Rubber Products
Aug.22,2022* Haidilao International Holding
Aug.22,2022* Helios
Aug.22,2022* Hyundai Dream Together 2nd Special Purpose Acquisition Co
Aug.22,2022* IM CO in (KR)
Aug.22,2022* Infoscan
Aug.22,2022* Investor.bg AD Sofia
Aug.22,2022* Jyske Bank in Silkeborg (DK)
Aug.22,2022* KNM Group Bhd in (MY)
Aug.22,2022* Komercijalna Banka ad Beograd in Belgrad (RS)
Aug.22,2022* Link Administration Holdings
Aug.22,2022* Mackinnon Mackenzie and Co
Aug.22,2022* Mangalore Refinery and Petrochemicals in (IN)
Aug.22,2022* Menika Mining
Aug.22,2022* Metal Lemn
Aug.22,2022* MIC Electronics in (IN)
Aug.22,2022* Mimi's Rock
Aug.22,2022* Ming Fung Jewellery Group
Aug.22,2022* MIRC Electronics
Aug.22,2022* Nam Tai Electronics in Hongkong (HK)
Aug.22,2022* National Electronics Holdings
Aug.22,2022* Nauka-Svyaz' in (RU)
Aug.22,2022* Neptun Olimp
Aug.22,2022* NNK Group
Aug.22,2022* Plantronics in Santa Cruz (US)
Aug.22,2022* Real Estate Egyptian Consortium SAE in (EG)
Aug.22,2022* Repco Home Finance
Aug.22,2022* Roiserv Lifestyle Services Co
Aug.22,2022* Sabien Technology Group in London (GB)
Aug.22,2022* Saietta Group
Aug.22,2022* Sanroc International Holdings
Aug.22,2022* Scandi Standard
Aug.22,2022* Scottish Investment Trust in (UK)
Aug.22,2022* SIF Hoteluri
Aug.22,2022* Takson Holdings
Aug.22,2022* Talbros Engineering
Aug.22,2022* Ten Alps in (UK)
Aug.22,2022* Thelloy Development Group
Aug.22,2022* Trackwise Designs
Aug.22,2022* Transaction Solutions International
Aug.22,2022* UBA Investments in (HK)
Aug.22,2022* Umpqua Holdings
Aug.22,2022* Vastsvensk Logistik AB (publ)
Aug.22,2022* Vonage Holding in (US)
Aug.22,2022* Wild Acre Metals in (AU)
Aug.22,2022* Xin Yuan Enterprises Group
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