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AGMagenda dates in chronological order.

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Sep.26,2022* Lotte REIT Co
Sep.26,2022* Madhya Bharat Agro Products
Sep.26,2022* MagForce in Berlin (DE)
Sep.26,2022* Mangalam Industrial Finance
Sep.26,2022* Marawila Resorts
Sep.26,2022* Max Healthcare Institute
Sep.26,2022* Megastar Foods
Sep.26,2022* Money Matters Financial Services
Sep.26,2022* MPC in (KR)
Sep.26,2022* Multibase India
Sep.26,2022* Mustang Energy
Sep.26,2022* Nahar Industrial Enterprises in (IN)
Sep.26,2022* Nama ad Sabac
Sep.26,2022* Nanjing Panda Electronics in (CN)
Sep.26,2022* National Biscuit IndustriesOG
Sep.26,2022* Neil Industries
Sep.26,2022* Network
Sep.26,2022* New Energy Solar
Sep.26,2022* Nirvana Development Tbk
Sep.26,2022* Oasis Securities
Sep.26,2022* Oceanaa Biotek Industries
Sep.26,2022* Octal Credit Capital
Sep.26,2022* Officina Stellare
Sep.26,2022* Oil Terminal
Sep.26,2022* Orient Abrasives in (IN)
Sep.26,2022* Orient Refractories
Sep.26,2022* Pan India Corp
Sep.26,2022* Parabellum Resources
Sep.26,2022* PB Fintech
Sep.26,2022* Pearl Global Industries in (IN)
Sep.26,2022* Polyplex
Sep.26,2022* Premier Polyfilm
Sep.26,2022* Prospect Resources in (AU)
Sep.26,2022* PTC India Financial Services
Sep.26,2022* Pure Giftcarat
Sep.26,2022* Pyxis Finvest
Sep.26,2022* R B Gupta Financials
Sep.26,2022* Raghuvir Synthetics
Sep.26,2022* Real Bulland AD Sofia in Sofia (BG)
Sep.26,2022* Regency Investments
Sep.26,2022* Rights And Issues Investment Trust in (UK)
Sep.26,2022* Rishi Techtex
Sep.26,2022* RTS Power
Sep.26,2022* Ruchi Infrastructure in (IN)
Sep.26,2022* Saboo Sodium Chloro
Sep.26,2022* Safe Bulkers
Sep.26,2022* Sanco Trans
Sep.26,2022* Sangam Advisors
Sep.26,2022* Sashwat Technocrats
Sep.26,2022* SE Power
Sep.26,2022* Sea Gold Infrastructure
Sep.26,2022* Securities House KSCC in (KW)
Sep.26,2022* Shalby
Sep.26,2022* Shri Krishna Devcon
Sep.26,2022* Siddarth Businesses
Sep.26,2022* Singer India
Sep.26,2022* SM Auto Stamping
Sep.26,2022* Smart Equity
Sep.26,2022* Source Natural Foods and Herbal Supplements
Sep.26,2022* SPML Infra in (IN)
Sep.26,2022* SRG Housing Finance
Sep.26,2022* Swaraj Automotives
Sep.26,2022 TAG Colonia-Immobilien (formerly: Colonia Real Estate) in Hamburg (DE)
Sep.26,2022* Talbros Automotivemponents
Sep.26,2022* Tanfac Industries in (IN)
Sep.26,2022* Tat Technologies in (IL)
Sep.26,2022* Techno Electric + Engineering Company
Sep.26,2022* Technocraft Industries India in (IN)
Sep.26,2022* TIL in (IN)
Sep.26,2022* Tongwei in (CN)
Sep.26,2022* Trident Texofab
Sep.26,2022* Turism Covasna in Covasna (RO)
Sep.26,2022* U P Hotels
Sep.26,2022* Uday Jewellery Industries
Sep.26,2022* Umpqua Holdings
Sep.26,2022* Uni Abex Alloy Products
Sep.26,2022* Unioninvest Holding Sarajevo
Sep.26,2022* Uniprom ad Novi Pazar
Sep.26,2022* United Interactive
Sep.26,2022* Viagold Capital
Sep.26,2022* Visi Media Asia Tbk
Sep.26,2022* VMV Holidays
Sep.26,2022* Winsome Textile Industries
Sep.26,2022* Yantra Natural Resources
Sep.26,2022* Yash Chemex
Sep.26,2022* Younyi Information + Communication in (KR)
Sep.26,2022* ZK International Group Co
Sep.27,2022* Abdullah Al Othaim Markets in (SA)
Sep.27,2022* Adial Pharmaceuticals
Sep.27,2022* Advanced Petrochemical in (SA)
Sep.27,2022* Advani Hotels and Resorts India
Sep.27,2022* Advik Industries
Sep.27,2022* Akashdeep Metal Industries
Sep.27,2022* Al Khaleej Takaful Insurance and Reinsurance in Doha (QA)
Sep.27,2022* Aleafia Health
Sep.27,2022* Alicon Castalloy in (IN)
Sep.27,2022* Alkaline Water Company
Sep.27,2022* Alkis H Hadjikyriacos Frou Frou Biscuits Public in (CY)
Sep.27,2022* Allianzgi Diversified Income + Convertible Fund
Sep.27,2022* AllianzGI Equity + Convertible Income Fund
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