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AGMagenda dates in chronological order.

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Jul.29,2022* K Kouimtzis
Jul.29,2022* Kabra Extrusion Technik in (IN)
Jul.29,2022* Kinetic Trust
Jul.29,2022* L + A International Holdings
Jul.29,2022* Lampsa Hellenic Hotels in (GR)
Jul.29,2022* Lightron Fiber Optic Devices in (KR)
Jul.29,2022* LiHom-Cuchen Co in (KR)
Jul.29,2022* M4B
Jul.29,2022* Madulsima Plantations
Jul.29,2022* Mapletree Commercial Trust in (SG)
Jul.29,2022* Media-Maker
Jul.29,2022* Medipost in (KR)
Jul.29,2022* Menteng Heritage Realty Tbk
Jul.29,2022* Metals of Africa
Jul.29,2022* Metro Realty Tbk in (ID)
Jul.29,2022* MMC Sanayi ve Ticari Yatirimlar AS in (TR)
Jul.29,2022* Modelleria Brambilla
Jul.29,2022* Morarjee Textiles
Jul.29,2022* MTAR Technologies
Jul.29,2022* Nacon SASU
Jul.29,2022* Navigant Corporate Advisors
Jul.29,2022* Piramal Healthcare in (IN)
Jul.29,2022* Polyplex (Thailand) in (TH)
Jul.29,2022* Propertindo Mulia Investama Tbk
Jul.29,2022* Qol in (JP)
Jul.29,2022* Quintegra Solutions
Jul.29,2022* Religare Health Trust
Jul.29,2022* Riga Sugar Company in (IN)
Jul.29,2022* RiTE Gacko ad Gacko
Jul.29,2022* Rudnici Banjani AD Skopje
Jul.29,2022* Shandong Gold Mining in (CN)
Jul.29,2022* Shinewell Leasing
Jul.29,2022* Sona Topas Tourism Industry Tbk in (ID)
Jul.29,2022* Srestha Finvest
Jul.29,2022* Surplus Global
Jul.29,2022* Tera Software in (IN)
Jul.29,2022* TerniEnergia in (IT)
Jul.29,2022* Teuza a Fairchild Technology Venture in (IL)
Jul.29,2022* Toray Textiles Thailand
Jul.29,2022* Torrent Pharmaceuticals in (IN)
Jul.29,2022* Tronics Microsystems
Jul.29,2022* TTK Prestige
Jul.29,2022* Ubiquam in (KR)
Jul.29,2022* Vinatech
Jul.29,2022* Vividthree Holdings
Jul.29,2022* Walchand Peoplefirst
Jul.29,2022* Xphyto Therapeutics
Jul.29,2022* Zydus Wellness in (IN)
Jul.30,2022* El Nasr for Manufacturing Agricultural Crops in (EG)
Jul.30,2022* Mahindra Holidays and Resorts India in Chennai (IN)
Jul.31,2022* International Cards in (JO)
Jul.31,2022* United Financial Investments
Aug.01,2022* Arian Silver
Aug.01,2022* Bajaj
Aug.01,2022* Baltic I Acquisition
Aug.01,2022* Carborundum Universal in (IN)
Aug.01,2022* Citrix Systems in Santa Clara (US)
Aug.01,2022* Constellium
Aug.01,2022* Electroaparataj in (RO)
Aug.01,2022* Firebyte Games
Aug.01,2022* Fortis Healthcare India in (IN)
Aug.01,2022* HTP Orebic in (HR)
Aug.01,2022* Investec Property Fund
Aug.01,2022* Kong Shum Union Property Mgt L
Aug.01,2022* Neto Malinda Trading in (IL)
Aug.01,2022* Norditek Group
Aug.01,2022* Pinduoduo
Aug.01,2022* Pontus Protein
Aug.01,2022* Powerhouse Energy Group in (UK)
Aug.01,2022* PureTech Health
Aug.01,2022* Rogers
Aug.01,2022* S R K Industries
Aug.01,2022* Saudi Advanced Industries in Riyadh (SA)
Aug.01,2022* Spotify Technology
Aug.01,2022* Teekay in (US)
Aug.01,2022* Teekay Tankers in (US)
Aug.01,2022* ZEUS in (KR)
Aug.02,2022* Alon Natural Gas Exploration
Aug.02,2022* Audience Labs in Lyon (FR)
Aug.02,2022* Aurobindo Pharma in (IN)
Aug.02,2022* Circle
Aug.02,2022* Datasoft Application Software (India)
Aug.02,2022* Enova International
Aug.02,2022* F Acquisition
Aug.02,2022* Flying Finl Svc Hldg
Aug.02,2022* Hyundai Energy Solutions Co
Aug.02,2022* IBC Polska F + P
Aug.02,2022* Insilco
Aug.02,2022* Israel Discount Bank in (IL)
Aug.02,2022* Mahaan Impex
Aug.02,2022* N Varveris Moda Bagno in (GR)
Aug.02,2022* Patel Integrated Logistics CN
Aug.02,2022* Softmax in (JP)
Aug.02,2022* Tadir Gan Precision Products 1993 in (IL)
Aug.02,2022* Thermax in (IN)
Aug.02,2022* Universal
Aug.02,2022* Will Semiconductor Co Ltd Shanghai
Aug.03,2022* Adomani
Aug.03,2022* Allegianceal
Aug.03,2022* Athlone Investments in (IL)
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