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AGMagenda dates in chronological order.

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May.20,2022* ON Semiconductor
May.20,2022* Oriental Unicorn Agricultural Group
May.20,2022* Overseas Chinese Town (Asia) Holdings
May.20,2022* P)
May.20,2022* Paris Realty Fund in (FR)
May.20,2022* PGT
May.20,2022* Philip Morris Operations ad Nis
May.20,2022 Phoenix Mecano in Stein am Rhein (CH)
May.20,2022* Polypipe Group
May.20,2022* Professional Holding
May.20,2022* Resilux in (BE)
May.20,2022* Rig Tenders Indonesia Tbk in (ID)
May.20,2022* RR Donnelley And Sons in Chicago (US)
May.20,2022* Ryazanskaya energeticheskaya sbytovaya kompaniya in (RU)
May.20,2022* Sai Gon Securities InCorp in (VN)
May.20,2022* Sarapul'skiy Elektrogeneratornyi Zavod in (RU)
May.20,2022* Saturn PAO in (RU)
May.20,2022* Saudi Tadawul Group Holding Co
May.20,2022* Secure Income REIT
May.20,2022* Seritage Growth Properties
May.20,2022* SF Almaz in (RU)
May.20,2022* Shougang Concord Grand Group in (HK)
May.20,2022* Siem Offshore in (NO)
May.20,2022* Societe Nouvelle Maison de la Ville de Tunis SNMVT (Monoprix)
May.20,2022* Stereotaxis
May.20,2022* Szar in (PL)
May.20,2022* Tao Heung Holdings in (HK)
May.20,2022* Territorial'naya generiruyushchaya kompaniya No 14 in (RU)
May.20,2022 Tivoly in Tours-en-Savoie (FR)
May.20,2022* Tomskaya raspredelitel'naya kompaniya in (RU)
May.20,2022* TongKun Group Co in (CN)
May.20,2022* Unimot
May.20,2022* United Super Markets Holdings
May.20,2022* Ural'skiy zavod rezinovykh tekhnicheskikh izdeliy in (RU)
May.20,2022* va Q tec
May.20,2022* Vadsbo SwitchTech Group
May.20,2022* Vardia Insurance Group
May.20,2022* Venture Life Group
May.20,2022* Vir Biotechnology
May.20,2022* Wisdom Marine Lines in (TW)
May.20,2022* Xinhua Winshare Publishing and Media
May.20,2022* Xior Student Housing
May.20,2022* Zhejiang Jingsheng Mechanical + Electrical Co in (CN)
May.21,2022* Atlas for Land Reclamation and Agricultural Processing SAE in (EG)
May.21,2022* Dillard's
May.21,2022* GPD Drina dd Gorazde
May.21,2022* Spiltan Investment
May.22,2022* Adika Style
May.22,2022* Al Meeransumer Goods QSC in Doha (QA)
May.22,2022* Bonus Bio Group in (IL)
May.22,2022* Cohen Development and Industrial Buildings in (IL)
May.22,2022* Duniec Bros in (IL)
May.22,2022* Eastern Province Cement in (SA)
May.22,2022* El Barbary Investment Group SAE
May.22,2022* Go D M Investments in (IL)
May.22,2022* Hamama Meir Trading 1996
May.22,2022* Herfy Food Services in Riyadh (SA)
May.22,2022* Kardan Real Estate Enterprise and Development in Tel Aviv (IL)
May.22,2022* Kuwait Syrian Holding KSC in Safat (KW)
May.22,2022* MEINFA Joint Stock
May.22,2022* Mezzan Holding Co KSCC
May.22,2022* Mobile Max Technologies in (IL)
May.22,2022* National Metal Manufacturing and Casting in (SA)
May.22,2022* Netz Hotels
May.22,2022* Saudi Public Transport in (SA)
May.22,2022* Sultan Center Food Products KSCC in (KW)
May.22,2022* Tabuk Agriculture Development in (SA)
May.22,2022* Tamdeen Real Estate KSCC
May.22,2022* Tapuz People in (IL)
May.22,2022* Theeb Rent a Car Company SJSC
May.22,2022 united labels in Muenster (DE)
May.23,2022* 4D Molecular Therapeutics
May.23,2022* Ackermans en van Haaren in Antwerp (BE)
May.23,2022* Aeon Credit Service in Kuala Lumpur (MY)
May.23,2022* Aino Health AB (publ)
May.23,2022* Akerna
May.23,2022* Al Ameen Financial Investment
May.23,2022* Al Rajhi for co-operative Insurance in Riyadh (SA)
May.23,2022* Arecor Therapeutics
May.23,2022* Automated Systems KSCC in (KW)
May.23,2022* Avrot Industries in (IL)
May.23,2022* Bank Islam Malaysia Bhd
May.23,2022* Basler in (DE)
May.23,2022* Bastion Minerals
May.23,2022* Biomerieux in Marcy l-Etoile (FR)
May.23,2022* Bisi International Tbk in (ID)
May.23,2022* Bp Plastics Holding Bhd in (MY)
May.23,2022* BPS Technology
May.23,2022* BSO dd Sarajevo in Sarajevo (BA)
May.23,2022* Cantargia in (SE)
May.23,2022* Carnarvon Petroleum in (AU)
May.23,2022* Catena Media
May.23,2022* Caturkarda Depo Bangunan Tbk
May.23,2022* CBRE Acquisition Holdings
May.23,2022* CDL Investments New Zealand
May.23,2022* Charoen Pokphand Indonesia Tbk in (ID)
May.23,2022* China Aircraft Leasing Grp in (CN)
May.23,2022* China Isotope + Radiation
May.23,2022* China Literature
May.23,2022* Citic Telecom International Holdings in Hongkong (HK)
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