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AGMagenda dates in chronological order.

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May.06,2022* Zebra Nusantara Tbk in Surabaya (ID)
May.08,2022* Al Rajhi Banking And Investment in Riyadh (SA)
May.08,2022* Bait Bakfar
May.08,2022* Gama Management and Clearing
May.08,2022* Hiper Global
May.08,2022* Imagesat International ISI
May.08,2022* Kardan Israel in Tel Aviv (IL)
May.08,2022* Mediterranean and Gulfoperative Insurance and Reinsurance CO SJSC in (SA)
May.08,2022* PCB Technologies in (IL)
May.09,2022* Alsanabel International for Islamic Financial Investment
May.09,2022* Amneal Pharmaceuticals
May.09,2022* Arab Palestinian Investment Company in (JO)
May.09,2022* Bogota Financial
May.09,2022* Bw Plantation Tbk in (ID)
May.09,2022* Cara Operations
May.09,2022* DIC - Dong Tien Joint Stock in (VN)
May.09,2022* E L Financial
May.09,2022* Fagron (foermerly: Arseus) in Kortrijk (BE)
May.09,2022* Global Palm Resources Holdings in (SG)
May.09,2022* Investment Kinnevik in Stoclholm (SE)
May.09,2022* Jsc Quang Ninh Book & Educational Equip in (VN)
May.09,2022* Mansour Hotel
May.09,2022* Mouwasat Medical Services in (SA)
May.09,2022* North Energy in (NO)
May.09,2022* North Upper Egypt Development and Agricultural Production Co SAE in (EG)
May.09,2022* OncoSec Medical in (US)
May.09,2022* RMU Banovici dd Banovici in (BA)
May.09,2022* Vitania in (IL)
May.09,2022* ZIF Big Investiciona grupa dd Sarajevo in Sarajevo (BA)
May.10,2022* 71Media
May.10,2022* Adecoagro
May.10,2022* Arabian Contracting Services Company CJSC
May.10,2022* Arabian Rocks Plastic Industries Company
May.10,2022* Argus Metals
May.10,2022* Armax Gaz in (RO)
May.10,2022* Banimmo in (BE)
May.10,2022* Barito Pacific Tbk in (ID)
May.10,2022* Bawan Co SJSC
May.10,2022* Biosynex in (FR)
May.10,2022* Cefour Wine + Beverage Partihandel Publ
May.10,2022* China United Network Communications in (CN)
May.10,2022 creditshelf in Frankfurt (DE)
May.10,2022* Evadix in (BE)
May.10,2022* Fluxys in (BE)
May.10,2022* Freehold Royalties
May.10,2022* Galva Technologies Tbk
May.10,2022* Greshammputing in (UK)
May.10,2022* Hamon & Cie (International) in (BE)
May.10,2022* HPB in (HR)
May.10,2022* Innova Italy 1
May.10,2022* Jarir Marketing in (SA)
May.10,2022* Kawasaki Kinkai Kisen Kaisha in (JP)
May.10,2022* Krakatau Steel (Persero) Tbk in (ID)
May.10,2022* Lesieur (Ste)
May.10,2022* LuNA Innovations
May.10,2022* Mannkind
May.10,2022* Melexis Naamloze Vennootschap in (BE)
May.10,2022* NexPoint Residential Trust
May.10,2022* Nuvista Energy
May.10,2022 OSRAM Licht in Munich (DE)
Compliance Statement
May.10,2022* OTR Acquisition
May.10,2022* Petro Song Da Trading & Investment Joint Stock in (VN)
May.10,2022* Puregold Price Club
May.10,2022* Revive Therapeutics
May.10,2022* Royalindo Investa Wijaya
May.10,2022* Scailexoration
May.10,2022* Superior Plus
May.10,2022* Tigaraksa Satria Tbk in (ID)
May.10,2022* Triton Development in (PL)
May.10,2022* Umm Al Qura Cement Co SJSC
May.10,2022* Veoneer
May.10,2022* Zhejiang Longsheng Group in (CN)
May.10,2022* ZIF Crobih Fond dd Mostar in (BA)
May.11,2022* AME Elite Consortium Bhd
May.11,2022* Aspire Global
May.11,2022* AtCo
May.11,2022* Bahnhof (Publ)
May.11,2022* Bank Dinar Indonesia Tbk in (ID)
May.11,2022* Beter Bed Holding in Amsterdam (NL)
May.11,2022* Boyd Group Services
May.11,2022* Cathay Pacific Airways in Hongkong (HK)
May.11,2022* Cebu Air in (PH)
May.11,2022* Centaur Media in (UK)
May.11,2022* CN Asia Corporation Bhd
May.11,2022* Cnia Saada Assurance
May.11,2022* Constellium
May.11,2022* Crown Capital Partners
May.11,2022* Decotex AD Sliven
May.11,2022* Desert Gateway
May.11,2022* Dynamic Materials
May.11,2022* e-Muzyka in (PL)
May.11,2022 Elmos Semiconductor in Dortmund (DE)
May.11,2022* GT Capital Holdings
May.11,2022* Hybricon Bus System AB (publ)
May.11,2022* IGEAMED
May.11,2022* Insmed
May.11,2022* International Forest Products
May.11,2022* Intertape Polymer Group
May.11,2022* Ivanhoe Mines
May.11,2022* Kinepolis Group in Brussels (BE)
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